GabGab - Get Your Toddler Talking Recenzje App

Love this App!

I have 2 toddlers and a newborn baby. I started my toddlers on this app at the age of 1 and it has made such an amazing impact on their speech development and learning abilities. As the tots have been getting older I have been using the app to teach them letters, numbers and words to expand their reading and writing abilities. The learning experiences are pretty much endless with this tool and as a busy mom working full time, this app makes the teaching process quick, easy and effective. Can’t wait to try it with my newborn 😊

Simple and effective

I use this to teach my toddler simple words. I also record video of letters to teach my child the alphabet.

Easy & Fun

Fun for the kids! Easy to get started and make it new and fresh all the time.


My 15 month old really likes it

Great app!!!

My granddaughter who is almost 1 likes it and so does her 2 year old sister. It's simple to use.


Awesome app! Great idea! 5 stars!

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